Fees & Tuition

Registration Fee: $125.00

Fee is non-refundable and is due with each application.
($100.00 between February 1 to March 20)

Annual Student Activity and Book Fee: $225.00    (A student will not be allowed to attend classes if the fees listed above are not paid in full by the opening of school.)

(Due by August 1st)

There will be athletics, fine arts, testing, my school works, and other fees per student. These fees will be added where applicable.


Monthly – This plan consists of 10 monthly payments, with each payment due and payable the FIRST of each month starting with August 1st and ending May 1st.
Payment by Year – (Lump Sum) due by August 1st. (Discounted by $150.00 per family)
Two Payments – One half due by August 15. Final payment due by January 15.
(No discounts apply)

2019 – 2020 School Year


(10 Installments)

K4 – 12th
Family Rates
(Two Students)
(Three Students)

Please call 304-645-3797 for families with more than three students.

K4 & K5 Age Requirements – In order for your child to be accepted into the K4 program, he or she MUST be four years of age on or before October 1st of the application year.  If you are enrolling your child into the K5 program, he or she MUST be five years of age on or before October 1st of the application year.

Family Rate – If you are enrolling four or more students, the cost increases $100.00 per student thereafter.

Late Tuition Payment – A $25.00 fee will be charged per family per month if the appropriate tuition payment is not received by the 10th of the month.

If the appropriate tuition is not received after 15 days, the parents will need to speak to their child’s / children’s teacher regarding this matter. Any account that becomes 30 days late will require that the student be taken out of school until the account is current.

Returned Check Fee: $35.00
Students having attended any portion of a month will owe for the entire month.

Tuition payments should be turned in to your child’s teacher or mailed to the academy office:

Lewisburg Baptist Academy
246 Grand Avenue
Lewisburg, West Virginia 24901